Web Design

At Advertising Graphics we strive to be communication experts. That means we not only make sure the website we craft is beautiful but that it is communicating the right message. When we communicate efficiently and effectivly we can help your business grow to its full potential.

Mobile Awareness

With more and more people using smartphones, websites are getting smaller. It used to be an afterthought making your website mobile friendly, but in the near future the majority of web users will be browsing with their smart phones instead of their desktops. This means websites will need to adapt to be able to be browsed at a much smaller size and with a finger not a mouse. We have the knowledge and skills to make your website mobile friendly and if you hire us we will make your business grow.Web Design


WordPress is a powerful content management system that has a plethora of capabilities. Wether your setting up a blog or using one of the thousands of plugins to personalize your site, WordPress can do it all. It is also an open source project which means there are hundreds of people all over the world working on it and there are no licensing fees to use it. Let Advertising Graphics build your new website today so you can join the millions of people worldwide that are using WordPress.


Social Media Marketing

The phrase “No Man Is An Island” coined by John Donne, is true about life today. Life needs to be a shared experience and social media lets you share your experiences with the world. Social Media comes in various formats and is used worldwide by over a billion people.

Bottom line, Social Media will help your business grow. Even if you are a local mom and pop pizza shop Social Media can make your advertisements spread like wildfire. Let us give you a social media presence and you can be sure to see your business grow.social media

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the many ways that can help your business grow. There are two ways to get better search rankings, by paying to be placed at the top of google or by having the proper code and making google think your imortant enough to be on top.

When you hire us we will fix the semantic markup on your existing website or make you a beautiful new website. This means that when google comes in and inspects your code they will see that everything is correct and start to give you a good rating. We also get your name out there by launching a social media campaign and registering your site with dozens of search search sites. Get this process started today and start to bring in more customers!

Corporate Identity

Having a unique and consistent Brand is essential to any business. Let us make you an eye catching logo so your customers can recognize you in a flash. We also can make business cards, letterheads, envelopes, email templates, and promotional pieces. Hire us and you will ensure that your company gets a new consistent look and feel.

Our Logo Work