• Amigos For Christ

    AFC is a non-profit organization in Nicaragua that exists to better the lives of the people that live there. This site needed a bLog so after it was designed it was integrated into Wordpress.
  • Pole Vault Central

    PVC is an online coaching website. This project included developing a new logo, adding a newsletter, using membership software to have different membership levels, and the site was integrated into Wordpress.
  • AdGraphics

    Located in South Florida, Adgraphics specializes in large format printing. They have been around for 20 years and can meet almost any print need. This project was a website redesign and seo revamp.
  • Link

    Link was a project to revitalize downtown Jacksonville. Its purpose was to get small businesses to move to the downtown area. For this project a logo mark was developed along with a website.


  • Link Logo Mark
  • Avondale Logo Mark
  • EzRecipe Logo Mark
  • Accelerail Logo Mark

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